Montreal, January 24, 2017 – Meet Papio – the most endearing baboon backed by artificial intelligence – as he arrives in the digital jungle.

At Okam Labs, a Montreal-based digital agency, we are happy to finally release Papio from its cage. After multiple tests – and, let’s be honest, after keeping the fun and a bit of exclusivity for ourselves – our Papio chatbot is now ready for everyone to enjoy. When integrated into the chat platform Slack, this delirious ape will bring your team together around a lively match of foosball.

It’s easy to use! In a single command, every employee can signal his or her desire to participate in an exciting game of foosball. From then on, Papio takes care of everything: recruiting players, keeping score, guiding you through the whole game’s process. As a genuine virtual assistant, Papio will answer your requests, as serious – or not – as they get.

The baboon endowed with artificial intelligence

The character of Papio is fed a load of data and statistics processed through primarily artificial intelligence. Papio keeps score in real-time with a mobile interface and adds each point to your gaming history. The more you involve Papio in your games, the more precise the data it can provide will be: statistics, awards (bananawards), players classification board and comparisons, opponent suggestions and many more bananalyses.

The monkey’s appearance and its twisted sense of humor – sometimes provocative – only add to its charm. Papio’s vocabulary and discourse keeps evolving with every new interaction, even though it already comes with a monkey-themed database full of quotes.

An intuitive conversational interface

In the emerging community of chatbots no standards have been clearly established yet. Developers of all kind are sharing their best and worst practices, based on personal experience and results. Papio reflects Okam’s long-standing expertise in UX, UI, graphic and interaction design.

The new conversational interfaces bring emerging paradigms, such as natural-language processing, prompt answers and call-to-actions. We made good use of those new elements and created a bot as developed as an app, but within a chat interface. Explains Samuel Halle, Associate at Okam.  

Rarely do chatbots deliver on offering users a high quality conversational experience. With Papio, you will get surprisingly fun, personalized and intuitive interactions.

So game on! It’s time to integrate Papio into your team’s Slack:  

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