Montreal november 4, 2015 – Following the acquisition of the Radio-Classique channels, Greg Music Group tasked Okam to design and produce a completely new web experience, aiming for simplicity and a clean look.


The challenge was to revive the new brand platform with a modern design, while preserving the importance of ad placement. The adaptive website features a “player” through which listeners can enjoy the station shows live and access the list of all aired tracks.

So it is with great pleasure that we present to you our latest project, the new !

About Okam
Founded in 2010 in Montreal and now throughout 2 offices in Québec and British Columbia, Okam is a web agency specializing in conception and production of web and mobile user experiences for large companies.

About Groupe Musique Grep

Gregory Charles’s Greg Musique Groupe is a media group active in the field of entertainment. From live show production and distribution to television program production, as well as theatre management (The Montreal Casino Qube), Radio Classique, festival management (the SAM in Longueuil and the World Choir) and record and web content production, Greg Music Group unites all the interests and passions of its founder, Gregory Charles, and like him, its artisans are optimistic, passionate, creative, and dreamers.