Montreal August 31, 2015 – Okam ends the summer with the website redesign and the launch of a new blog for Montrealer  Kombi Sports.




The homepage has enjoyed a summer overhaul focusing on differentiating elements of the brand and product experience for all lovers of winter, families, sports and trendy urbanites. Kombi Sports strengthens its position again this year for sports lovers and winter activities.

With its sleek look, the new corporate blog inspires with its visuals for winter lovers. Choose your favorite category to keep up with the company and get expert advices to make the most of low temperatures.


About Okam
Founded in Montreal in 2010, Okam is an award-winning studio creating creative digital solutions. Ensuring a presence in Quebec and British Columbia, it is working with innovative companies and agencies to push the limits of e-commerce.


About Kombi Sports
Founded in 1961, Kombi is a world leader in winter accessories with outlets in more than 20 countries worldwide.