What we are looking for : A real titan of modern times who is convinced that SPA applications are the future of tomorrow. A warrior of JavaScript that has a strong knowledge of AngularJs and holds 3 years of experience in the web front-end development.

What you will do.

Working with a distributed team based in British Columbia and Quebec, you will help us develop a brand new offline first Cordova app developped in AngularJS.  We been working on this project for a year, so to get up to speed quickly, we expect you to have at least 3 to 6 months of AngularJS experience.

You will start by improving the UX of the existing modules, create new AngularJS directives and optimize the performance of the application.  You know (without having to Google) that to have 60 FPS on a tablet, each frame need to be rendered in less than 16 ms. More importantly, you know how to achieve those kind of performance.

Of course, you will also have the chance to implement new modules and features in collaboration with our UX designers.

To achieve this, on top of HTML and CSS3, you will have the chance to use technologies like Grunt.JS (you can even help us move to Gulp :P), LESS, Coffeescript, Jasmine, Bower, Protactor and more.

Some things must have a real titan.

  • Have at least 3 years experience with JavaScript (not just JQuery)
  • Experience working on a web application front-end JavaScript
  • Be recognized as a champion in the web front-end development, AngularJs, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Knowledge of  CSS, PHP, REST / JSON API and MVC
  • Knowledge of Grunt, bower, etc.
  • Good skills in French and English communication, both oral and written

“There’s something about you” that will make a difference.

  • French isn’t necessary for this project, but would facilitate integration with the rest of the team.
  • Knowledge of CoffeeScript (if not, don’t worry, you will learn)
  • You have a github account, and you contribute to open source projects (or at least, you are seriously thinking about it (we are giving you a chance there :P)
  • You possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline related to the position
  • Experience in TDD or BDD approach and automation integrated testing (eg Selenium)
  • Experience with a continuous integration environment

To make a long story short.

At OKAM, we use our digital instinct to help our clients succeed in all their digital endeavors. We have a clear vision of our clients business realities and we offer optimal solutions that meet their needs.

Psst !!!

We are also pretty good at foosball, will offer free and unlimited amounts of caffeine and the fridge is always full of beers. #justsayin