okam, digital instinct.

About Us.

Founded in 2010 in Montreal and counting now over 20 employees working in two offices, one in Quebec and one in British Columbia, okam is an agency specialized in the design and production of web and mobile experiences for large companies. The agency’s portfolio includes, among others, renowned companies such as Bell Media, Kombi, and Arrow.

Our mission.

Based on our digital instinct, we create mobile and web solutions with focus on user experience, innovation and performance, in order to contribute to our clients success.


digital instinct.

Combining the words instinct and digital connects the world of emotion and reason.

A digital instinct is a necessary quality to always be on the lookout for the latest trends and to be able to predict what will happen in future, but also and above all, how our services can contribute to the success of our customers.

Instinct also evokes a keen intelligence, focusing on the essentials. Who has not dreamed to have a strong instinct to guide them?

Ockham’s Razor.

It comes from the theory of Ockham’s razor, one of the foundations of science. According to this theory, simpler explanations are, other things being equal, generally better than more complex ones. That’s why we always opt for the most simple solutions for you, to simplify your daily work.


What about the triangle?

Our three pillars.

Pragmatism Design

The Arrowhead.

Symbol of leadership and determination.


The Straight Line.

The triangle, once unfolded becomes a straight line, the simplest path between two points, Ockham’s razor theory.


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